All in One Budget System

A printable PDF that pairs PERFECTLY with any budgeting style. Print as many of these pages as you need.

Budget Blueprint Workbook

The perfect pair for of Blueprint course. Follow along in the workbook as you take the course and have a completed budget upon completion.

Interactive Debt Spreadsheets

A Debt Payoff POWERHOUSE! Period! Simple plug and play spreadsheets enable you to track and view your debt payments.

Hey Beautiful People!

Looking at Baddies and Budgets now, you probably think I came out of the womb knowing all of this sh*t about budgeting. Nope. 

Less than 2 years ago, I was broke, unemployed, and fresh out of undergrad with my degree. In 2021, I decided that that would be the last year of financial struggle for me. Enter: the cash envelope method. I changed my life. And then my next step was clear, help all of you always have enough money. No matter how laughable that sounds right now, I know you can do it. Even if you don’t have any financial literacy. Even if you grew up impoverished. We start from 0. 

I know what it’s like to be in survival mode. To never hear the word ‘investment’ until you’re years behind your silver-spoon peers. So I created Baddies and Budgets to help you go from the ‘get through the day’ mindset to thrive mode. 

You deserve to be financially free. Even if that feels impossible right now. 

Now, Baddies and Budgets is an online movement that shows women how to transform their financial lives. With an Instagram community of over 110K, a Youtube Community of over 100K, A Facebook community of over 200K, and a TikTok community of over 600K – you can say A LOT of women needed this kind of support a long time ago. 

Your turn to join the movement. Your turn to feel good about money.